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Invest In Me!

It looks like Trump really is a Russian puppet and conspirator. The evidence rolls in hourly and the muck is getting deeper. No surprise there. For all of their flag-waving, fist-pounding, constitution-celebrating madness, the Republicans seem to be comfortable turning a blind eye to our new president's treasonous machinations. Again, no surprise there. When were they ever anything but myopic, self-serving simpletons who put beliefs before truth? I could see The Donald saying to Putin: “Make America great again. Invest in me.”

There is no chance that any of this will sway the minds of Trump supporters. Psychologists and sociologists have told us for some time that people with deeply held beliefs only dig in deeper when presented with facts that contradict those beliefs. World views can’t be changed with numbers or history or empirical data. Those things only confirm to the believer just how elitist we — we, the critical thinking monkeys — really are. Given that, there is no chance to sway the mind of a Trumpster without their own personal bit of suffering because of Trump. They will support the Angry Orange man to the end, even if he is a traitor. You know we forced him to go outside the U.S. for help because we are so-o-o-o corrupt. Any of us can easily imagine their circular paths of logic to explain it all away.

But what happens when things don’t change? And what happens if they don’t change for a while? What happens when there aren’t any great jobs being created, when the cost of healthcare — in dollars and lives — sky rockets, when Mexico won’t pay for our 2,000 mile wall? When Hilary Clinton is known to be infinitely less corrupt than The Donald? What then?

I’m hoping we don’t get that far, impeachment and all. There is a slim chance the democrats can win the senate in the next election cycle. But that’s just a sliver of hope. The democrats are aces at muckin' up a sure thing.

And if the dems can’t win back the senate will the disaffected white supremacists and religious bigots become disillusioned with The Donald? Nah, ain’t his fault he can’t get anything done. It’s the career politicians who get in his way.

The reason we— all of us — need for the dems to gain control of the senate is because our democracy is taking a pounding. The Republicans are attempting to distract and white-wash not only the events that may have happened. They are attempting to destroy the process of democracy. Investigations where those investigating were involved in the events that took place — hello Devin Nunes — aren’t investigations. They’re an affront to decency. They are democracy surrendered to a kangaroo court incapable of dispensing justice.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. The pendulum always swings the other way and belts the status quo in the jaw. That’s the nature of things. But how far out does it swing first before coming back? That’s the real question.

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