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Novel by Jack McDaniel - Purple Hearted Man

Welcome To The Rage Of Life

My new novel, Purple Hearted Man, is set to be released in January. Below is the cover blurb. Also, voiceover artist Justin Sewall is doing the audio version.

Cover Blurb

Purple has a difficult job: He was placed here to take down the One-Eyed God. It’s his mission and he won’t fail. It’s a lonely road for someone like him—a healer—but he has help. The hippies are his friends: Chloe the yogi, Wheat the candlestick maker, and Berrydream, who is in retail. And he has his tribe: Charlotte, Stranger and Jackson. Eventually, the tigers that roam the city might become allies, too. Who can say, tigers are fickle.

The One-Eyed God is nefarious and powerful. His agents lurk everywhere and the aliens are certainly up to no good. The government is clearly working with the aliens to force the Second Coming—and that will only lead to tragedy. Even the one called Sister can't be trusted.

But the universe is wise and has given Purple skills. Getting control of his invisibility will help, but that only matters as long as molecular cohesion is maintained. Most of all, Purple has purpose and, of course, he has his broom.


Listen to Justin Sewall narrate Chapter One


From the Jeffrey Keeten Review

As I was reading this book, I kept thinking about Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, which I read, frankly, another lifetime ago. There is a fairy tale aspect to the way this book is presented that allows Jack McDaniel to talk about serious issues without coming across as moralizing. Purple just wants us all to take a step back and consider that all the things we find to be most important are actually fabricated constructs that should be treated with skepticism instead of veneration."

I’m in the process of rebuilding my vision of the world, and it is a painful process, but it is so refreshing to peel away the veil of colorfully packaged lies. If I ever get lost, I can revisit Purple. Maybe I can sweep some sidewalks with him and steal some of his magic."


Online Book Club Review

The One-Eye God, also known as the Money God, is probably the easiest to understand among Purple's ideas, and is a key to everything he thinks and does. He sees society being corrupted by money, and its consequent inequality. It's the society that literally spent trillions of dollars in its recent wars. It's the same society that has little budget to support the soldiers sent to fight those wars after they come home, sometimes with severe problems. It's the society that sees homeless people as rejects, making them invisible. Through Purple, Jack McDaniel addresses these issues and makes you wonder who's really mentally ill in this society. The author can be harsh in judging Western society, but I can't ignore the points Purple makes throughout the novel.

Purple Hearted Man is a cleverly written novel that offers a thought-provoking depiction of our society."

You can read the full review here.

Paula Friedman Review
(Paula is the author of The Change Chronicles)

I quickly recognized it would be a very hard task to find a novel comparable to Jack McDaniel’s new—and awesome—Purple Hearted Man. Only the classic 1970s protest film Oh Lucky Man! and the much-admired 1960s novels I Never Promised You a Rose Garden and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest approach McDaniel’s blending of deeply felt social protest, a protagonist whose viewpoint, though occasionally surreal, speaks to and for the reader, and gripping narrative momentum."

You can find Paula's review on Goodreads

From IndieReader

Purple's story is clever and unique."
~ IndieReader

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