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First Impressions - The reMarkable Tablet

reMarkable Tablet

I recently purchased a ReMarkable tablet. There was a great deal on refurbished models so I decided it was time to try one. I have a long history of using notebooks, for work, writing and just about anything I feel the need to jot down. For more than a decade I have used a large, ruled Moleskine softcover as my notebook of choice. And while I love them, there are a few drawbacks. In particular, going back to find something I’ve written or drawn in an older notebook. I go through one of them every three to four months, so it can get tedious. The truth is, I usually only rarely go back to the previous notebook and anything before that is no longer relevant. ... Read more

New Car Smell

My daughter often laments the fact that I have mostly forsaken books composed of wood pulp and glue for their electronic brothers. Like many, she believes there is something to be gained from turning actual pages and holding in her hands something with a bit of heft and density. A forest of binary numbers, translated to their representative letters, spaces and punctuation marks and projected through a screen of glass, lack a sense of permanence for her, somehow aren’t as real. She shares this perspective with others who still have a foot firmly planted in a past that is quickly receding in our collective rear-view mirror. ... Read more

Stacks Of Notebooks

In a kitchen closet is a box containing 30 notebooks, give or take a few. There are a couple more notebooks at my office. Then, there is my current notebook, a soft cover large Moleskine, sitting on the kitchen counter. They vary in style and sometimes purpose, especially the older ones. There are spiral ring-bound notebooks with college ruled paper. A few of them are hard backed with heavier paper. I almost never think about them. They are an extension of me, taken for granted and never questioned. ... Read more
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