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Rearranging Worlds

Lilith sucked in air, held her breath, squatted and jumped for all she was worth. A few feet later she landed – SPLASH! – two-footed in a small puddle. She giggled. ... Read more

Barrel Of Horror

It all started when she had friends over. It started out normally, we were all arm in arm, kids laughing, us reds doing our best to beat the blues. You know. Then they started laughing, the kids did. I got tossed, landed on an edge and bounced into drawer, I think. She pushed stuff into the drawer when cleaning up and was pushed towards the back. There was a crack in the back of the drawer and eventually I fell out, stuck in the darkness under the chest of drawers. Just me, alone. ... Read more

Promises To Keep

She lined up the shot with the sight, felt the weight of the cold barrel in her hand and the press of the stock against her shoulder, and squeezed a bit on the trigger. The memory stutters and halts at times like these. Sure, there are the jeans, his dumb-ass sneakers and most of the torn sweatshirt he was wearing, but beyond that it’s all guesswork and subliminal pattern recognition. But the mind weaves it all together, eventually, assembles the jigsaw puzzle that is the horror-show heading her direction, and parades the last few weeks of highlights in front of her. ... Read more

The Place Where Hope Goes

A note, a silk flower, memories. These are all I have left now. But who knows how real they are. Oh, the note and silk flower are real enough, tactile. But the memories associated with them are nebulous, filtered through fog, viewed through frosted glass. They are mine, but I can’t say for certain that I own them, yet. At best, I am their caretaker. ... Read more
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