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Review: The reMarkable 2

reMarkable 2 tablet reviewI finally received the new reMarkable 2 a week ago and I have been using it ever since. I was in the October production batch and received it on October 24, a week after it was supposed to be delivered. DHL couldn’t find my house for some reason and delayed delivery a week. ... Read more

I Did It: Remarkable 2 Ordered

ReMarkable 2I reviewed The ReMarkable tablet here last year. For those who don't know, the ReMarkable is a tablet made for writing and taking note or doing sketches. It works on eInk technology. The ReMarkable has won a bazillion awards and I have loved using it. ... Read more

First Impressions - The reMarkable Tablet

reMarkable Tablet

I recently purchased a ReMarkable tablet. There was a great deal on refurbished models so I decided it was time to try one. I have a long history of using notebooks, for work, writing and just about anything I feel the need to jot down. For more than a decade I have used a large, ruled Moleskine softcover as my notebook of choice. And while I love them, there are a few drawbacks. In particular, going back to find something I’ve written or drawn in an older notebook. I go through one of them every three to four months, so it can get tedious. The truth is, I usually only rarely go back to the previous notebook and anything before that is no longer relevant. ... Read more
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